We need you! Become a HealthBlocks Pioneer

We need you! Become a HealthBlocks Pioneer

“Could 65 be the new 55? Each year, poor health takes a heavy societal and economic toll. Improving the health of the world’s population would add 10 healthy years in midlife - and way more.”

These are not our words but the opening statement of the McKinsey report Prioritizing Health: a prescription for prosperity

Solving the puzzle of living longer and healthier will result in prosperity, both from a wellness and economical perspective. Traditional healthcare needs to step out of the shadow of its own hospital buildings. However the medical space is slow in evolving into the life of the “consumer” space.

Lifestyle consumer goods such as smart devices are capable of listening to our bodies and can create a 24/7 datastream. The clues hidden in this datastream can be key to unlocking better health for everyone. Especially when periodical “medical” data can be combined with everyday “lifestyle and health” data.

The big question is: who will own this data? Who is turning your valuable health data into wealth? Will it be the big tech companies or will it be you?

It may seem impossible to become the owner of your health data and be in full control of what happens with it. Probably it sounds even more unthinkable that it will be possible to turn your health data into an asset and you can extract real-life value out of it in the form of an increasing healthy lifespan while at the same time generate revenue (cash).

Well, then you are probably not familiar with IoTeX, yet. IoTeX is making the impossible within reach with their MachineFi vision and roadmap. MachineFi will make it possible that devices are owned by the people and serve the people. We are proud to build HealthBlocks on the IoTeX blockchain and work alongside this vision to democratize the value of data.

How can you participate in HealthBlocks at this moment?

In this phase of our project we are exploring ways to store the “lifestyle and health” data stream in a private Health Profile and incentivize users to generate data as well as perform activities that are beneficial for their health. In return users are rewarded with HEALTH tokens. We are looking for pioneers who are willing to test out these functionalities and can help us in improving our application.

Everybody can sign up for the beta testing whitelist by registering on our website.

If you are passionate about personal health, data, privacy and want to contribute to improving global health, this is your chance. When we are ready to open up beta testing we will send instructions on how to participate.

Once live, every download of the app is a vote for a fairer and better system that can improve the health of so many people across the globe. The road we have ahead is long but with many votes for the HealthBlocks ecosystem we can show institutions, organizations and hardware manufacturers that people want a different option.

So join our community on Twitter and Telegram, subscribe to the whitelist for beta testers and become a HealthBlocks Pioneer for a better system!