A Window Into the Future: HealthBlocks at the Forefront of a New Normal

A Window Into the Future: HealthBlocks at the Forefront of a New Normal

Wouldn't it be interesting to travel forward in time and see how blockchain technology has changed the healthcare industry and various other sectors for the better? That's precisely what Coinspeaker did via an article that provides insight into what the healthcare industry could look like in 2030.

Where is HealthBlocks in the middle of this, you ask? At the forefront of the revolution.

The article has an exciting theme: what could change between 2022 and 2030. Well, for certain digital identity and healthcare will never be the same. At HealthBlocks, we're determined to empower people to utilise their health data as they see fit. But we don't stop there. Users will earn money to hit health goals and share their data with third-parties that use this data to improve health solutions.

This is key to improving the world's preventive healthcare market. When considering the world of 2030, Coinspeaker states -

"Today we can see personalised medicine with a much greater emphasis on preventative measures. And it is largely powered by blockchain, IoT, DeFi and a healthy dose of AI". We are working towards that future, where we level the playing field of health data and utilise it to help expand the (healthy) human lifespan”.

How HealthBlocks plans to create a new normal

We are partnered with IoTeX, one of the world's leading blockchain technology providers, to ensure user data is stored securely and in a decentralised manner. Another hurdle we face is that there are no trusted health devices on the market yet that  give users ownership of their data. However, IoTeX already proofed it’s possible to create trusted hardware with their Pebble tracker and Ucam. We plan to realize trusted health devices in the future.

For now, we will make use of data integration of existing wearables of which data is displayed in the user profile. The individual is in complete control of the data and chooses whether to keep it private or share it with third parties. There's tremendous potential for research institutes to unlock the value of health data and get better insights into preventive healthcare. Also lifestyle brands such as Nike, Adidas and Patagonia can interact with our users and set out community health challenges and earn some branded (crypto) rewards.

In the article, Coinspeaker does a fantastic job of demonstrating what the technology we’re building looks like in future everyday life –

"People rarely go into a doctor's office these days. With simple algorithms that send alerts to doctors and patients, in-person physicals are less necessary. Health data is mostly collected in real-time and lets a healthcare provider check in to ask what's going on in your life. You'll typically talk about remote diagnosis, monitoring of the heart, blood oxygen levels with pulse-oximeters, blood glucose monitoring for diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions, and more".

Rewarding users for getting healthy

We're rewarding users for hitting health goals to obtain this data and open up the possibility of monetising health information. They earn HEALTH tokens which can also be used to pay for health services we plan to provide, such as telemedicine consultations. Therefore, users are not only getting healthier and providing vital data that can revolutionise preventive healthcare; they're also getting paid for it.