Health Is Wealth: How HealthBlocks Rewards You For Healthy Habits

Health Is Wealth: How HealthBlocks Rewards You For Healthy Habits

The traditional health data tracking market is outdated and not in line with a future that values data privacy and ownership. This is precisely the driving force behind HealthBlocks - our desire is to enable people to take full ownership of their health data and be rewarded for it.

Blockchain technology is revolutionising how numerous sectors operate, enabling industries such as finance and cybersecurity to be more secure and transparent. Like others, the healthcare industry benefits from this new technology, and we are at the forefront of this new age of data privacy and ownership.

"Health specialists created a method to track and store health data using blockchain technology. Rosanne Warmerdam, the CEO of Health Blocks, told Cointelegraph that her team had developed a way for users to generate and store patients’ health data without sacrificing their privacy and security. " -  CoinTelegraph

Recently, the popular crypto news outlet Cointelegraph highlighted our project and its role in using blockchain to allow users to track, store, and use their health data as they please. This is the founding belief of our project - data should be solely owned by the individual, not corporations or organisations who are the only party that benefits.

HealthBlocks beta is live now and can be downloaded on iOS and Android. Join our beta and start earning HEALTH!

Use your health data and get rewarded

So, how can you be rewarded for using your health data? To get a better understanding, we must first look at how HealthBlocks is building a new future for healthcare.

Our Dapp is built on the IoTeX blockchain, one of the leading blockchain technology providers. As previously mentioned, companies currently obtain and utilise any health data tracked via wearables for profit. We envision a future in which trusted hardware devices, like IoTeX’s Pebble, come to the market to give users complete control of their data.

The data is generated through these trusted trackers and then stored securely through IoTeX’s blockchain technology. At this point, users may simply use their data for personal reasons, such as improving health or choose to share their data with third parties. Interested parties include health organisations and insurance companies that use this data to improve health solutions and products.

HealthBlocks beta is live now and can be downloaded on iOS and Android. Join our beta and start earning HEALTH!

Helping improve preventive health care

Through HEALTH tokens, users get rewarded for achieving specific goals, such as hitting 10,000 steps in one day. We're also going to provide health services, such as telemedicine and AI solutions that use health data to give personalized advise on for example sleep and nutrition. Users can use their HEALTH tokens to purchase these services, making health support more accessible to all.

Users are also rewarded for sharing or allowing third parties to analyse their data in a trusted way, which means we create a vibrant ecosystem focused on preventative health. Everyone get's the chance to improve their health and wellbeing in a fun and engaging way.

There is a supply of 10 billion HEALTH tokens, of which at least 20% is exclusively reserved for mining rewards.

Ultimately, HealthBlocks aims to help increase the (healthy) human lifespan. This is only achievable through research and data that provides insights and new discoveries. Therefore, users are not only getting fitter and rewarded for sharing their health data; they’re actively contributing to crucial scientific research that could eventually extend our healthy lifespan.